Cutter IT: Data Hacking, No Day at the Breach Article

The Insider Track on Cyber Security

In June 2013, the actions of Edward Snowden set off a firestorm of revelations about the inner workings of one of the US’s most secretive organizations, the National Security Agency (NSA). As the country began debating the spy versus whistleblower status of Mr. Snowden, a second, equally chilling dialogue began: how was one person, a contractor, able to walk so easily out the door of a heavily monitored facility with a treasure trove of secrets?


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Cutter IT: Data Hacking, No Day at the Breach News

Chris Kauffman, Personam Founder and CEO, wrote an article discussing the state of the art in insider threat detection technology. The article was published in the “Data Hacking, No Day at the Breach” volume (August 2014) of the Cutter IT Journal.


The article, “The Insider Track on Cyber Security”, can be downloaded from the site here.


About Personam

Personam is the leading innovator using advanced analytics and machine learning to detect insider threat attacks in-progress. Personam’s appliance provides passive network monitoring without the dependence of endpoint software agents or pre-defined event input data. Often installed and operational in less than an hour, Personam continuously monitors the behavior patterns of the users and devices on the network. The moment a threat is detected, analysts in Personam’s monitoring center are notified and aid the client with incident response. Personam’s headquarters and research labs are located in McLean, VA. More information can be found at