Personam and Sphere of Influence Offer Advanced Insider-Threat Technology to CTTSO

Personam, Inc. has partnered with Sphere of Influence, Inc. to offer their behavioral profiling platform to the US Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO). The technology actively monitors computer networks for insider threats and compromised accounts and is able to provide instantaneous actionable intelligence on active threats within an organization’s security perimeter, before threats manifest into breaches. The technology is 100% passive, neither interfering with operations nor accessing sensitive data. Based on advanced real-time computational analysis of digital behaviors, it detects active and persistent threats without generating what the industry calls ‘excessive false positives’.

Developed in a joint partnership, Personam, Inc. has already introduced several of its detectors to commercial organizations, protecting them from fraud, theft, vandalism, and compromised user accounts. The CTTSO recently selected the partnership’s offering into a group of semi-finalists that will be further evaluated for suitability.

Personam CEO, Chris Kauffman, said, “It takes one week for our platform to learn the behaviors of an organization well enough to identify threats. Threatening behavior has been discovered in 100% of our commercial clients thus far, all of whom have been running conventional detection solutions for years. Given the ubiquitous nature of the insider threat, which mostly goes undetected, I’m extremely excited to see the Federal Government showing serious interest in this technology”.

The team’s technology is completely self-learning. The platform teaches itself to discern between potential threats and normal behavior. Sphere of Influence Managing Partner, Thad Scheer, said “there’s no rule book for what constitutes an insider threat or what to look for, every situation is different. What’s unique about our platform is that it teaches itself to find threats, making it nearly impossible to subvert, even if you know it’s there”.

Sphere of Influence, Inc. is a Virginia-based software developer that specializes in advanced data analytics and big data. The Analytics Studios at Sphere of Influence are the largest on the East Coast and provide solutions for Automotive, Agriculture, Consumer Products, Defense, and Intelligence.

Personam, Inc. is a new cyber-security company that focuses exclusively on detecting insider threats and compromised user accounts. The company’s patented technology generates automated threat intelligence by monitoring live networks 24×7 with behavioral profiling.

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