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Cyber Security Summit in NYC

Personam generated large crowds at their booth supporting the Cyber Security Summit in NYC. Companies from industries ranging from Big Pharma, Finance, Banking, to Energy all spent time learning about Personam’s insider threat detecting solution. Most of the attendees already understood the importance of protecting their organizations from internal threats, but many did not know […]

Insider Threat Prevention Detection

Cutter IT: Data Hacking, No Day at the Breach News

Chris Kauffman, Personam Founder and CEO, wrote an article discussing the state of the art in insider threat detection technology. The article was published in the “Data Hacking, No Day at the Breach” volume (August 2014) of the Cutter IT Journal.   The article, “The Insider Track on Cyber Security”, can be downloaded from the […]

Insider Threat Prevention Detection

Personam’s Chris Kauffman Participates on Cyber Security Panel

Chris Kauffman, Founder and CEO of Personam, participated on a panel of experts in cyber security threats and preparedness. The event was put on by The Hub, a DC-based group providing up-close, direct access to industry leaders, legends and peers. Mr. Kauffman provided the audience with insight into the Insider Threat, and recommendations for mitigating the […]

Insider Threat Prevention Detection

Personam to Brief the House Intelligence Committee on Insider Threat

The staff of the House Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence has invited Chris Kauffman, Personam’s Founder and CEO, to brief them on Personam’s insider threat detection capabilities. In the wake of the high-profile Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden events, and the Presidential Memorandum on National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat […]

Insider Threat Prevention Detection

Personam Featured in Article on Federal Agencies Embracing New Technologies for Insider Threat

Personam’s Founder and CEO, Chris Kauffman, was interviewed for a Washington Post article on insider threat technologies, “Federal agencies embrace new technology and strategies to find the enemy within”.   About Personam Personam is the leading innovator using advanced analytics and machine learning to detect insider threat attacks in-progress. Personam’s appliance provides passive network monitoring […]