The adversary is using your workforce against you

Reluctant to monitor your employees? What about their accounts? You’re one of the lucky ones. You’ve built an organization made entirely of people you trust and have come to rely on. Not many can make that claim, but you don’t have to worry about one of your own stealing from you. Installing a system to […]

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Personam ITD would have Saved Sony Millions

SONY, a global tech giant, was brought to kneel this past week by the most devastating type of cyber threat, an “inside job”. Losses weren’t only confined to a single division but rather affected nearly every operating unit of the global brand. Denied access to online systems, the worldwide workforce resorted to using pens, paper, […]

Personam Insider Threat Detection Software

Too Little, Too Late – Morgan Stanley could have prevented the Data Leak

In a recent article about the Morgan Stanley insider theft case, Gregory Fleming, the president of the wealth management arm said: “While the situation is disappointing, it is always difficult to prevent harm caused by those willing to steal” Disappointing?  350,000 clients were compromised, the top 10% of investors, and this following a breach that […]

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Why the Government Insider Threat Program Will Fail

President Obama has ordered federal employees to monitor the behavioral patterns of coworkers and report suspicious observations to officials.  Under this policy a coworker’s failure to cast suspicion on another coworker could result in penalties that include criminal charges. Seriously! This is the current policy for preventing the next insider threat, to pit coworker against coworker! Well…interestingly […]

Personam Insider Threat Detection Software

Cyber Security Summit in NYC

Personam generated large crowds at their booth supporting the Cyber Security Summit in NYC. Companies from industries ranging from Big Pharma, Finance, Banking, to Energy all spent time learning about Personam’s insider threat detecting solution. Most of the attendees already understood the importance of protecting their organizations from internal threats, but many did not know […]