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Cutter IT: Data Hacking, No Day at the Breach Article

The Insider Track on Cyber Security In June 2013, the actions of Edward Snowden set off a firestorm of revelations about the inner workings of one of the US’s most secretive organizations, the National Security Agency (NSA). As the country began debating the spy versus whistleblower status of Mr. Snowden, a second, equally chilling dialogue […]

The adversary is using your workforce against you

Reluctant to monitor your employees? What about their accounts? You’re one of the lucky ones. You’ve built an organization made entirely of people you trust and have come to rely on. Not many can make that claim, but you don’t have to worry about one of your own stealing from you. Installing a system to […]

Personam and Sphere of Influence Offer Advanced Insider-Threat Technology to CTTSO

Personam, Inc. has partnered with Sphere of Influence, Inc. to offer their behavioral profiling platform to the US Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO). The technology actively monitors computer networks for insider threats and compromised accounts and is able to provide instantaneous actionable intelligence on active threats within an organization’s security perimeter, before threats manifest […]