• Personam, Inc. Advanced Threat Detection

Rapid Deployment

Installed and operational in minutes


Protects against the unknown

Low Maintenance

No initial or ongoing configuration required

Low Profile

No endpoint agents to deploy and manage

Insider Threats

Securing the network against external threats doesn’t do an enterprise any good if the threat is already inside the perimeter. Whether the active threat is a malicious employee, a negligent contractor, or a compromised device, the damage to your business can be widespread and debilitating. And traditional cyber security technologies have proven ineffective against the insider threats.

Insider Threat Detection

Personam’s Insider Threat Detection makes it easy to close the gaps in your existing security framework. Once installed, our appliance continuously monitors your network traffic, and it uses the information gathered to build behavior profiles for all the connected individuals and devices. Any behaviors that could represent an active threat or vulnerability to the organization are identified, and the appropriate personnel are notified. It provides comprehensive protection against threats inside the perimeter, even if the source is an unknown malware agent, or a person employing a new tactics to exfiltrate your data.


85% of data breaches go undetected by the organization


Typical insider has worked for the company
5 years before becoming a threat

Personam Insider Threat Detection Software
Personam Insider Threat Detection Software
Personam Insider Threat Detection Software